We are nature

Finally we get to the core, to purity, to what it’s the most useful and valuable thing we’ve got: nature.

Capaccio is essentially a place of beauty and wild scents, primordial shapes and colours, a small paradise consisting of beaches, hills, mountains and landscapes that stretch up to the sea. It is a 15 hectares-wide protected area, an environmental heritage that several institutions such as the Oasi Dunale “Torre di Mare”, togheter with the club " Freewheeling Paestum “, member of Legambiente, struggle to protect, working in order to preserve this natural  laboratory.

The protected area inside the Oasi Dunale is able to provide insights to scientific research as well as opportunities for educational courses addressed not only to the population capaccese but especially to tourists, researchers and specialized students who arrive every year from all around the world.

Living in contact with nature and having the opportunity to spend hours or days of vacation in a place so unique and with such a rich history, is not just an opportunity for leisure, but also for living extraordinary moment, both spiritually and culturally.

Paestum, with its ruins, its wheat-fields, its town-walls that protect a never-ending story, it’s a place for the soul.