Capo di fiume

This is probably the place that symbolizes complete excellence of the entire capaccese territory. While Poseidon, the ancient Paestum, was founded in the fifth century BC, the first human settlements on the slopes of Mount Calpazio date back to the Iron Age, in the ninth century BC.  A group of farmers had settled in the valley of the mountain, right near the River’s head.

The spring water, rich in calcium carbonate, formed a pond of travertine benches due to the action of the currents. In this land of limestone, the travertine was extracted and used for the construction of buildings and roads during the Middle Ages. Poseidon was actually built on a limestone bed which was due to the stagnation of the waters of the spring.

It is said that the name Capaccio derives precisely from river, or “Caput Caput Aquae Acquis” (Water Head). Following the discovery of votive offerings, it is expected  that the head of the river was actually a sanctuary dedicated to a female deity, perhaps Demeter or Persephone, probably the Lucan period. In the same area there are also elements of the Roman period.