The Tower of Paestum

This is one of the many military fortifications built in the coastal territory of Campania between the sixteenth and seventeenth century because of the many barbarian invasions that threatened the safety of the local population. In addition to the Tower of Paestum, in the second half of the sixteenth century. there were nearly 60 watchtowers along the coast of Cilento. It was the Viceroy of the Kingdom of Naples who ordered these buildings, so as to achieve greater protection for the territories south of the capital.

The tower has a circular base and has a height of 10 meters. The interior of the building is divided into two overlapping circles reached via an outside staircase. During World War II, at the time of the landing of allied troops along the coast of Paestum, the Germans had placed several locations for machine guns on top, but fortunately the old tower was not destroyed by the military.