Fabricating emotions with matter

Capaccio Paestum is not only a place where it’s possible to find breathtaking natural landscapes, where land and sea harmoniously embrace at the foot of the mountains, with starry skies and fields that smell like fruit; for tourists and visitors that cross the Sele Valley, it looks like a magic box in which you can find stories and amazing characters .

Walking through the narrow streets of the hilly area, or simply riding a bike or hiking in the countryside, going through the coastal road, it is easy to come across several ranges of art workshops, laboratories and small shops, assembly places where skilled craftsmen devote their time to transform ideas into form, matter and in particular artworks or furniture.

Ceramics, iron, wood, seasonal fruits, jewelry, recycled materials, even musical instruments, canvas, colors milk and glass: the range of materials that artisans and local artists to use for their creations can be very huge. These men and women are passionate about their craftsmanship, that often have been handed down to them by family members, people who, in many cases, are able to get their production far beyond national borders.