Waves of astonishment

The coast of the capaccese territory is much appreciated for being really close to the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, Unesco heritage.  Just next to the crystal-clear waters of Cilento there is a peculiar concentration of Mediterranean ecosystems, animals and plants species unique in their preservation states, inlets and sea caves alternate with uplands and montains where a dense vegetation, especially fruit trees, grows. During all over the year, many activities such as sports, cultural events or festivals inspired by the ancient traditions of Cilento, are organised in these territories, where the signs of the ancient civilization seem to regenerate every year, generating a surprising modernity.

During summer, the beaches turn into a meeting place, from morning until late at night, its’ no-stop for those who want to have fun. In fact, when sports and the other activities of the day end, the beach resorts transform into fine restaurants , places where listening to live music and lively clubs that stay open until dawn.

Briefly, there's really no reason to go to sleep, or to stay far from the sea.