Every cultural and artistic legacy - a legacy left by the various peoples arriving in Paestum from all over the world - remain alive in every aspect of our traditions, even in culinary.

The city of Paestum, especially outside the ancient walls, has hundreds of restaurants, cottages, inns and small workshops dedicated to the transformation of food and food products. It is recognized as the most important center in the world for the production of mozzarella and the most diverse dairy products. The town of Capaccio Paestum also in recent years has been able to bring national attention several wineries, which have not only raised the economy of a purely tourist area, but also paved the way for all other activities of the catering trade (wine shops, cooperatives in the processing of organic foods, restorations of old buildings dedicated to the ancient Cilento cuisine). There is a vast offering for the many visitors of this area. There are classic dishes inspired by the Mediterranean diet, organic products and vegan restaurants. There is fine dining, fresh seafood and small taverns where you can enjoy traditional dishes such as the famous artichoke of Paestum, as well as an endless array of high quality products ( oils, jams and sweets, dishes, liqueurs, sausages and meats).