Don’t forget to feed the sense…of union

There is no better way to learn about the customs and the culture of a population, than to actively participate in its community life. In Capaccio, many days during the year, it’s possible to come across festivities and celebrations, especially as regards religious traditions. During summer there are several celebrations and festivals in the streets, that originate from the thousand-years old folk traditions, some of which attract visitor and fans from all the Southern Italy. Almost no-stop during the week, it’s possibile to see crowded squares, decorated alleys, national artists and young local musicians called to liven up the city nightlife.

Together to religious celebrations, can be observed many cultural events, like those concerning gastronomy, sport, fashion and especially cinema and theater.

Just think that the archaeological area of Paestum, inside the core of the ancient city, houses major festivals and music events that attract the most important national and international artists. In recent years performed on stage at the Theatre of the Temples artists such as Bob Dylan, Jovanotti, Zucchero.