The territory of Capaccio covers an area of ​​nearly 120 km², where large Piana del Sele  alternate with numerous urban agglomerations - different in architecture and production activities.

The main feature of capaccese territory is its particular location of the villages, neighborhoods with strong identities which not only can be traced to a diversity of landscapes and colors, scents and traditions, but for which you could trace a detailed map inside dividing the entire geographical area of ​​Capaccio in different subsets, especially rural, each with its own traditions.

Within this huge rural area and characterized by a very special microclimate, over the years various production and business activities have developed: dairy farms, wineries and agricultural production, nurseries and food processing centers…each of these companies has been able to invest manpower, knowledge and capital, according to the detailed resources that a given area of ​​land could offer.

The districts situated around the ancient city of Paestum, which developed into the center of the Piana del Sele Capaccio Scalo, Borgonuovo, Cafasso, differ in a conspicuous presence of farms engaged in dairy production. Other rural districts like those of Spinazzo and Ponte Barizzo,  are of fundamental importance for their agricultural enterprises, engaged mostly to the cultivation of vegetables and legumes.