Giornata dell'Arte

The Associations 'ADeN' by Capaccio Paestum, 'Ho un sogno-Movimento' by Albanella and 'O.N.M.I.C.' by Capaccio Paestum organized the "Fare Insieme" initiative in Piazza Santini in Capaccio Scalo. The appointment is for Saturday, May 26 at 4 pm in the Erica room where the local associations will meet in the Meeting of Associations. Starting at 4 pm, at the same time, there will be, in an area dedicated to children, a free Free Creative Workshop and a Road Education Project. Children must wear a hat and a white shirt. 
In the evening, from 8.30 pm, Piazza Santini will host the Giornata dell'Arte - LIFE, which sees the student world and their art as protagonist. The boys and girls of the Secondary Schools of Capaccio Paestum, Castelcivita, Giungano, Piaggine, Roccadaspide, can sing, play, dance, in short, give life to all their artistic expressions.

At 9:330 pm pizza for everyone.