The Sele River

This river gives its name to the famous Piana del Sele, stretching from Salerno to Paestum, marking the border of Capaccio northwest. Born among the Picentini mountains, about 450m high it flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea after a journey of about 70km. The river, after the reclamation made during the Fascist period, irrigates the whole plain of capaccese territory and is the main water source of the Apulian countryside. Just north of the mouth, near Persano, there is an inspiring natural oasis.

It was thanks to the scenic beauty and fertility of the land irrigated by the river in the late seventh century BC that a group of Achaeans from Sybaris, a Greek colony present along the Ionian coast, decided to build a sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Hera. They built other buildings of worship as well as the first housing facilities dedicated to the reception of pilgrims.

The Sele River was a natural border between the territory of the Greeks, present on the left bank, and the one controlled by the Etruscans, on the right side, to today's Pontecagnano.