The hilly area of Capaccio, nestled in the core of Cilento, can be considered a real haven for the soul. The old Medieval hamlet, is situated in a narrow valley, overlooking the sea just in front of Capri’s island and the Gulf of Salerno.

Founded in the thirteenth century, the small town of Capaccio has been for centuries the centre of the historical events of the Southern Italy: from the battles against the Swebians’control, to the revolutionary movements in the 800, and also being the headquarter for County and for Dioceses.

Even now, thanks to its perfect preservation status, it’s possibile to contemplate the extraordinary artistic heritage consisting of old churches, several mansion-houses, the belfry, small alleys, stone fountains and colorful gardens perfectly preserved, inside the palaces or buildings of the old town centre.

Located 400 meters above sea level, the ancient medieval village of Capaccio can meet the needs of any type of tourist.

The green and quiet valleys are ideal for those who need to relax, just a few kilometers away from t sunny Cilento's beaches, as well as the mountains' faces all around allow those who love to explore to be able to fulfil their desire for stillnes and for practicing sports in contact whit nature.

During the summer months, the hilly area becomes a meeting place for young people and also for families, who can meet up all together at the many bars or clubs that fill the public gardens's: it's a sort of "suspension bridge" hung over a breathtaking view, where the lights of Amalfi Coast shine.